Professor Jassem AJAKA
Physicist | Economist

A Man Born Out Of Time! By Dr. Laurence Ajaka

Akhbar Alyawm/ Dr. Laurence Ajaka

Professor Jassem Ajaka is a man born out of time; he belongs to an era when kings and queens sought the favor of scientists and artists and paid fortunes for the privilege of becoming their patrons. He commands deference as his presence is the personification of knowledge tempered with worldly expertise. Logic and subjectivity are his constant companions. His unique perspective holds you captive as he unfurls new horizons that leave you panting for more.

The renowned university lecturer was born in the southern Lebanese village of Yaroun on March 8th, 1970. He studied in Bint Jbeil Official High School before enrolling in the Lebanese University to graduate with a degree in Physics. He traveled to France for graduate studies and earned a degree in nuclear physics from the Louis Pasteur University Institute of Technology in Strasburg. He started his career as a financial analyst in the stock market and meanwhile gained two Master’s degrees in Financial Markets and Management.

He returned to Lebanon in 2004, and he was appointed as a representative of the government on the Lebanese University Board and consultant for the Minister of Economics. While preparing for his Ph.D. in Economics, he has accumulated more than a thousand articles in various newspapers and magazines concerning a battery of topics including but not limited to economics, strategy, and philosophy. He is also credited with more than a hundred television interviews. His natural aptitude for quantum mechanics prompted his interest in Greek philosophy and the Theory of Knowledge first explored by Socrates and Plato.

His humble beginning had a ripple effect on his career and imprinted him with the importance of hard work as the foundation of success. Moderation is his creed as he firmly believes that Lebanon is in dire need of a social and civil outlook that is vital for ridding people of their political and religious prejudices. Professor Ajaka considers erudition is the fountain of youth in whose absence we seek to feel alive whether at the tender age of 20 or the wisdom of 80. He is a true son of the Cedar and a shining example of this sacred land that nurtures bastions of knowledge and refinement.

Source: akhbaralyawm

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