Prof. Jassem AJAKA
Physicist and Economist

Experiments with polarized photon beam at GRAAL

J. Ajaka et al., 2000, Experiments with polarized photon beam at GRAAL, 14th International Spin Physics Symposium (SPIN 2000) 16-21 Oct 2000. Osaka, p.198-207

AIP Conference Proceedings 570, 198 (2001);

Since 1996 the GRAAL experiment is running at the ESRF, using a linearly polarized photon beam produced by backscattering a laser beam on the electron beam in the storage ring. A liquid hydrogen target and a large acceptance detector are used. All sizeable photoproduction reactions are measured and analyzed. We present the results of η meson, one and two pions, and ω photoproduction, which are partly published or still preliminary. Predictions or fits of these data by theoretical models are given.
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